Providing Accountability and Driving Compliance

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SCRAM’s continuous alcohol monitoring provides 24/7 monitoring for your higher-risk/higherneed alcohol clients. Continuous automated testing means no drinking around test schedules. Scram provides confidence in test results by conclusively distinguishing between alcohol consumption vs. environmental alcohol sources. It also provides single-source admissibility…no backup tests required.

With the flip of a switch, you can add the optional RF home curfew monitoring with no additional cost. Get the added benefit of not only monitoring for alcohol consumption but also keep them at home during peak drinking times .

Key features include:

  • Tests for alcohol every 30 minutes – 48+ tests a day supporting long-term behavior change
  • Automated, non-invasive monitoring
  • Compliments treatment for alcohol dependence or addiction
  • Software alerts and depicts alcohol readings, obstructions and tampers
  • Notification and reporting protocols to meet your program’s needs
  • Flexible data download options including Ethernet, cellular, Wi-Fi or landline
  • We can provide court personnel with access to the software to observe their clients’ activity