Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring

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SCRAMx utilizes the science of transdermal alcohol testing to measure the amount of alcohol that migrates through the skin in order to determine a person’s blood alcohol content. Offenders have no ability to ignore a request for testing or miss a scheduled test, a reading is taken every 30 minutes. SCRAMx’s transdermal testing eliminates both the need for supervision at the time of testing and offenders traveling to a testing center. Offenders are able to maintain a normal daily routine and House Arrest Services can ensure that they are testing regularly.

The ankle bracelet is both tamper proof and water resistant. Offenders have the ability to travel and still be monitored 24 hours a day.

SCRAMx enables courts and agencies to focus their time, energy, and budget on offenders that need more comprehensive treatment and abstinence monitoring. SCRAMx can assist you in identifying in advance your repeat DUI offenders.

  • Independently tested, court-validated
  • Worn 24/7
  • Automated and non-invasive
  • Takes a transdermal sample every 30 minutes
  • Optional House Arrest curfew monitoring in one bracelet at no additional fee
  • Automatically uploads and transmits data at prescheduled time(s)
  • Flags and graphically depicts alcohol alerts, obstructions, tampering, schedule non-compliance, battery and equipment information
  • Conclusively distinguishes between alcohol consumption and environmental alcohol sources
  • Single-source admissibility – no back-up tests required
  • Continuous testing means no drinking around tests
  • Cellular units available for an additional fee