Voice Verification

The offender receives random telephone calls during the times they are scheduled to be home. They are then prompted by the computer to repeat a series of numbers. This technology identifies the offender by matching each response to the voice template that was created upon their enrollment. All missed calls and failed sessions are logged and reported.


The 3M™ Voice Verification System is a multi-lingual, biometric presence verification system. It requires no hardware installation, providing a simple means for passive, on-demand monitoring of offenders in their homes.


Key features:
The 3M™ Voice Verification System can be operated alongside other monitoring systems as part of the 3M™ Electronic Monitoring Integrated Monitoring Platform.


  • Highly reliable, low error rate
  • Quick and simple enrollment
  • Scheduled, random or on-demand monitoring
  • Only requires a phone, no special monitoring hardware required
  • Detailed, user defined reports
  • Built-in fraud resistant measures
  • Efficient reporting to remote locations via e-mail, fax, SMS or pager
  • Cost effective