Radio Frequency (RF) Tether

The Radio Frequency system consists of a transmitter, worn on the offender’s ankle, and a receiver which is placed in the offender’s home. The transmitter communicates with the receiver, which has a pre-set distance range the offender must stay within during the times they are scheduled to be home.

All transmitters are water resistant and have dual tamper detection, strap and body tampers. The receiver communicates via the home telephone line to our monitoring center and reports all leaves, returns, fail to returns, tampers, power failures and phone line problems as they occur.

Attenti Electronic Monitoring Home Curfew RF (Radio Frequency) Monitoring systems are powerful, comprehensive monitoring tools that help ensure the monitoring needs of our clients are accounted for and securely performed, while enabling careful management of operational resources.

Two compatible models of monitoring systems are available. Monitoring data transfer can be performed over landline (PSTN) or cellular (GSM) networks.

Key Features

  • Flexible scheduling and information management
  • Highly advanced tilt sensors and tamper alarms
  • Configurable monitoring range
  • Simple, quick installation
  • 24-hour built-in back up battery
  • Caller ID helps prevent offenders from relocating the unit to an unauthorized phone line
  • Two-way communication between base unit and monitoring center
  • Cost effective


Cellular units available for an additional fee


  • No landline requirement
  • Transparent communication with monitoring centers
  • Additional cost