Global Positioning Satellite “GPS”

Tracking Offenders 24/7 – No Matter Where They Go

Our GPS solutions improve offender outcomes, minimizing risks and enhance victim safety. We offer two GPS devices to better meet the needs of your specific situations. Both can incorporate multiple INCLUSION ZONES which can be established to ensure that the offender is at a particular location for certain time periods (e.g. home, work, school). In addition, EXCLUSION ZONES can be defined for areas you want the offender to avoid (e.g. sex offenders, gang activity, domestic violence).

In the event a victim wants to be notified of an offenders’ entry into an exclusion zone, we can program our software to notify the victim via text message of any exclusion/inclusion zone violation

House Arrest Services can observe an offender’s movements on the screen as they occur. In addition, probation officers can request access to the software to allow for viewing client’s activities.

For higher-risk offenders we offer a device that provides the added benefits of unique features unlike any other GPS device on the market. This includes two-way voice communication through the bracelet with the offender providing valuable real-time violation intervention. In addition, it has a 95db siren on board to alert the offender and the public of violations. Both devices come with an optional no-cut ankle strap. These unique straps are an excellent option for high risk offenders making it virtually impossible to cut off.

Key features include:

Track Group ReliAlert GPS

  • 3-way interactive voice communication which allows for real-time violation intervention
  • On-board 95db built-in siren to alert of violations
  • Optional SecureCuff made of hardened steel virtually impossible to remove. An excellent option for high risk offenders
  • Secondary location monitoring allowing the device to use cell towers when GPS unavailable
  • Water proof to 20 feet
  • Battery life offering 55+ hours

Attenti GPS:

  • All straps are presized for quick installation
  • Light-focusing technology maximizes the ability to detect strap tampers
  • Utilizing Wi-Fi access points, the device continues tracking in the absence of GPS.  An effective option where gaps in GPS occur.
  • Interference detecting including cellular jamming, device shielding and motion
  • Optional enhanced steel strap for higher-risk offenders pre-sized for quick installations